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36.6 Pharmacy Chain is a company supervising the corporate governance of the 36.6 Drugstore Chain and Veropharm, a pharmaceutical company.

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Art. Lebedev Studio created the templates of the 36.6 Pharmacy Chain website. The studio’s designers found an unhackneyed approach to representing corporate information by illustrating the site sections with drawings and styling the company logo as a watercolor painting.

The website contains company information, corporate news, financial statements, securities and corporate governance data.

Release date: December 29 2004


art director
Oleg Paschenko
Dmitry Komissarov
Tatyana Zheltonozhkina
Oleg Tischenkov
Andreyka Lechev
Stepan Reznikov
Nikita Zhuravlev
Andrey Voronkov

Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Alexey Gavrilov for his aid in project implementation

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