Residence of Composers residential complex design concept

to design appearance of a residential complex.

Residence of Composers is a beautiful residential district on Paveletskaya Embankment. It looks like a giant open-air loft that was built around a 19th century factory. It has everything its residents may need: shops, banks, restaurants, fitness clubs, spa salons, childcare and even an amphitheater with a swimming pool. A design for Residence of Composers that revealed the complex’ true beauty was created at the studio.


Naturally, the appearance of a district inspired by composers should be connected to music. We visualize musical tunes by turning notes into images and create a dynamic pattern that becomes the core of the district’s identity.

Notes on the stave form a beautiful ornament


The noble architecture of the complex is supplemented by street furniture of unbelievable aesthetics. Street lamps, flower pots and fences are made from Corten steel sheets with pattern-shaped perforation. Admiring the street furniture which combines simple forms with a rough material and an elegant ornament is a good enough reason to visit the complex.

Street furniture

The musical beauty is in the roads too as pavement is decorated with ornamented metal inserts.

Notes in stone

The furniture in recreation areas and on children’s playgrounds is all about musical instruments. There are piano keyboard and guitar neck benches and canopies in the shape of guitar picks that protect residents from rain.

Music and nature

Entrance spaces

Since the complex is a residence of composers, entrances to the buildings are adorned by composer portraits. They serve as navigation elements (“Come over for tea, we live in Tchaikovsky!”) and support the general design concept.

Classic portraits

Building numbers are placed against the walls and are backlit helping even those who don’t recognize the faces of famous composers find required buildings both during the day and at night.


The composer theme can be seen in internal spaces as well: ornamented wall panels and reception counters greet residents and visitors in the halls.

Embankment plaza

The most open part of the complex, the plaza on Paveletskaya Embankment, is decorated by a metal art object, an embodiment of a sound wave.

To make sure residents can enjoy favorite drinks in any weather, street cafés are protected from rain and snow by a glass roof of a complex shape. The roof is decorated with the corporate pattern applied by sandblast printing.


The playground is filled with musical instruments: playing music outside is a great exercise and contributes to well-balanced personal development.

Home orchestra

Music in stone

Scattered on the lawns are small abstract sculptures that symbolize works of the greatest composers.


Arch-like sculptures going over the swimming pool symbolize bends of the strings and musical waves. If required, they can be turned into fountains.

Above the water is a stage for concerts and other events. Waves on the water, waving arches, waves of music, beauty!

The stage doesn’t touch the water surface which allows to turn the pool into an ice rink in the winter. With a New Year tree on the stage and lights on the arches the place looks just like a winter fairy tale.

artistic director

  • Artemy Lebedev

art director

  • Еrken Kagarov


  • Svetlana Vasilyeva
  • Anton Glazunov

technical designer

  • Dmitry Mikhailov


  • Valeria Komleva


  • Regina Krupnova

project manager

  • Galina Volynets
Made in 30 days