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The making of the Defender of the Motherland Day poster (2015)

Overview   Process   Hi Res  

Let’s think for a minute about attributes of persistent, eternal manliness. A real man must always have two things at hand: a nail and a light bulb. They would also make a good present for those who don’t have them. In a box with a ribbon, of course.

Art director: Something like that.

Or developing the same idea: a nail and a light bulb in Doom; a nail and a light bulb in danger; hammer a light bulb, screw in a nail.

Art director: It’s better in Doom.

Giving to the manliness experts. Finding the game, playing, reading the background story, taking screenshots of various details.

Developing the manliness idea. The art director asks not to change the original images.

Coming up with a text based on the style of the game’s logo.

Thinking about the character and deciding to go with an older Flynn Taggart who is now retired.

Thinking of the best way to use the status bar, adding meaning to details.

Choosing one of the meanest enemies.

Adding sock bonuses.

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