The making of the bags for the studio’s cafés

Overview   Process  

Making first sketches.

Art director: Nope.

All right, choosing the purple one.

Art director: It has to have people.

Art director: It’s a flat-breasted chick and an old guy. Make them younger and livelier.

Art director: She is biting nails and he doesn’t look like he belongs here at all.

Changing the illustrator.

Art director: She looks 14 here, make her at least 18. And let the guy wear glasses.

Art director: The cake should look smoother. Also, her hair is messy at the back.

Sending for typesetting.

Art director: I’m still waiting for a normal variant.

Art director: Well yeah, something like that, but you need to move the words around some more.

Going to the type designer, he writes out the text with a fountain pen.

Art director: No good. We don’t write like that. Make it more even, without any waves. The last one is OK, but I don’t like the letter A, it looks too childish. Rearrange the composition, too.

Art director: Make the text larger.

Creating the text and drawing dishes illustrations to be placed on the sides of the bag.


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