The making of the gift boxes for the studio’s stores

Overview   Process  

Measuring the gifts and determining three optimal sizes.

Thinking up the patterns, drafting.

This “mother-of-pearl inlay” hides the skull & crossbones and hammer & sickle among birds and butterflies.

This sketch contains encoded word “хуй”—a cult Russian “four-letterer”—screaming to be set in imperial style.

The berries and insects fashioned out of Russian coins in all denominations.

Sketching the “trashed” theme.

Drawing it out in vector.

Dipping a hook and fishing bobber in the fish pond.

Topping the crown off with a special vehicle siren.

A processing computer’s glitch.

Coloring in.

The Russian Hieroglyph pattern has an excessive white space. Filling it in by placing a fruit compote and badminton shuttle.

Art director: Need to embed the studio’s logo.

Incorporating the logo into the motif.

Illustrator: This’s probably too much, right?

Art director: It’s not. In fact, go bolder.

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