The making of the International Catalogus 2016

Overview• Process

Creating a template.

Distributing products over pages, making a flatplan.


Looks neat but boring. We need to make it more fun, add some rhythm to it. Allotting room for half titles.

Trying to use photographs of the studio.

It’s got rhythm now but still looks plain.

Looking for a solution for half titles.

And for the table of contents.

Mentioning the fact that customers can assemble their own series of matching products and choose a pattern for their design.

Art director: Still not good enough. The bucket is hardly a metaphor for a variety of patterns. We also need to emphasize that there’s a whole lot of such series.

Art director: The item set reads like Russian СП. We need to change this, otherwise it’s OK.

Deciding to abandon the idea with two-page openings, this will make the catalog more comfortable to view on electronic devices. Developing the half titles.

Putting together the cover.

Showing to the art director side by side with the Russian version.

Art director: How about a white background?

Looks good, but the items on the cover are hardly exciting. The cover doesn’t make you want to open the catalog.

Assembling everything together.

Showing to the artistic director.

Making changes: rearranging the structure, retypesetting some of the pages.

Sending to the editor.