Katalogus 2017

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to produce an electronic catalog of studio products for 2017.

Katalogus 2017 is published electronically and allows to make a purchase in the online store right from the product page.

Products up close

The catalog is designed for leisurely browsing and viewing. Bright advertising inserts help maintain readers’ attention.

Charged mugs

For delicious, healthy and beautiful drinks

Typefaces and patterns are illustrated with real-life examples.

Interrelation pattern fill

Projects using studio typefaces

Each section starts with its own half-title decorated with an original pattern.

Exciting to peak inside

The final part is devoted to Magazinus stores and Caféterius cafés, opportunities for cooperation, the Barista School and the kitchen factory.

Information for customers

artistic director

  • Artemy Lebedev

art director

  • Ludwig Bistronovsky

chief typesetter

  • Iskander Mukhamadeev


  • Vladimir Pavlenko
  • Sergey Steblina


  • Anna Balabas
  • Yaroslav Bondarenko
  • Nikita Davydov
  • Irina Ermolaeva
  • Vasily Drigo
  • Andrey Ushnurtsev
  • Nikolay Nedashkovsky


  • Egor Zhgun
  • Dmitry Mikhaylov


  • Jenia Filatova
  • Igor Fatkin


  • Anna Potapkina
  • Aleksandr Nosikov
  • Katerina Andreeva


  • Tatiana Kozlova

project managers

  • Alla Bryuzgina
  • Svetlana Kost
  • Yulia Horosheva
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