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Ancor 2006 New Year gift set

Problem: Conceive and design all elements of yet another gift set for Ancor.

Snow is fluffy, home is snug, a medal is chocolate. For the coming New Year Ancor presents its clients and friends a whole entertainment program with prizes. The board game “Treading the Carpet”, a greeting card, a bottle of champagne swathed in a scarf, and medals for winners are sent in a huge eye-popping paper bag!

Gift set

Release date: December 20 2005


art director
Artemy Lebedev
Anton Shnayder
Oleg Tischenkov
Tatyana Devaeva
Aleksandr Romanovsky
Liza Avdeeva
Anna Petrova

Box, board, and chips of the “Treading the Carpet” game

Not St. Gaudens Double Eagle but charming all the same

Two years back Ancor’s clients and friends were presented a coffee set, a year ago—a mulled wine set.

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