The making of the Araba identity

Overview   Process  

Looking for the right vehicle to communicate the message.

Car inside a car builds an A.

Another load of ideas.

Still nothing “clicks.” A thought of using road signs pops up.

The customer likes it overall. After giving it more thought, they ask to add more Oriental spices. Researching this path, keeping in focus that the logo has to read “transportation, reliability, durability.” Keeping sketches going.

Trying to construct an ant and a truck from Arab script, which results in an ant-truck combo.

Extra concepts.

The customer wants to see a camel. Trying it out.

Presenting all the designs.

While waiting for response, the designer delivers these ideas.

Art director: step on brakes here :-) Let them evaluate the existing drafts first.

The customer approves the road sign concept.

Now we just need to work on details and design a typeface.

Type designer:

Art director: the type is screaming for a little less contrast.

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