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Making of the Aromatus

Overview   Process  

Pulling some good ideas from the studio “brain” pool.

And sketching them out.

See-hear-say no evil guys go packing together with the kawaian cross. Replacing them with a cute kawaian pile of dung. Developing the back side as well.

Still too overloaded. Getting rid of the first-aid kit, the car siren-pail, the aerosol, the tire, and the fur tree.

Time to design fragrances for each car freshener. Dressing them in different colors.

The physical dimensions are limited to 70 mm (2.8″) by 85 mm (3.3″) max. Rescaling the oversized ones. Socks are disproportionally tall and thin, so we couple them up. Simplifying perforation and adding more of the kawaian piles.

Designing the package.

All set and ready to go to the printer.

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