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  • The making of Born With Personality by Yevgenia Belonoschenko

    Overview   Process  

    Getting the book draft. Reading it, working on the general structure.

    Putting together ideas for the cover.

    Trying to implement Caesar, but somehow it doesn’t look right.

    Deciding to develop on the idea with sleeping babies, but in a slightly different key, as per client’s request.

    Working on the lettering.

    OK, now it’s time to work on the back of the book.

    And to do a photo shoot with the author.

    Seeing how it would look on a real book

    This photo is perfect.

    The client wants to have children’s faces on the back.


    And bring back the green.

    Seeing how it would all look in real life.

    Working on the layout. The author suggests the reader to take a test with 80 questions at the beginning of the book. Deciding to simplify the task by evenly distributing the questions throughout the book. Starting to work on one chapter as a warm-up.

    Further working on the questionnaire.

    What if we omit the ten-point scale? Testing it with only three answer choices.

    The author doesn’t support this idea. Going back to ten-point scale.

    Meanwhile, the main body of text arrives after proofreading.

    Making changes and preparing files for print.

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