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    Overview   Process   Errata   Real life  

    Creating the cover.

    The concept is a yes, the girl is a no.

    Looking for a girl.


    But the bunny! Paint the bunny blue.

    Make the ice cream green.

    Placing graphics on the cover.

    Is the title in true Japanese? It appears, it is not.

    Double checking. Preparing a page layout.

    Thinking on quotations.

    No more thinking on quotes or characters from the Baby Club logo, they derive your attention from the text.

    Colors in titles are also disruptive.

    We want an illustration to open each chapter.

    The artwork concept is great historical people when they were children.

    Giving Einstein a try.

    Einstein is a yes and a no. Need to change the artist.

    Testing the new Einstein.

    Come up with more role models.

    Add Madonna as well.

    Working on the flaps with Baby Club ads, which are essentially instructions.

    Tying it together with the cover style.

    Does not work. We need new pictures.

    Ok, we need different plots.

    A baby should not sit in a box?

    Can't play with other kids, but with a cat?

    Forbidden to share a box with a cat?

    What's that? It's too confusing and needs to be in Russian.

    The stork has missed, it's cruel.

    Now what the stork wants?

    Why does he have two wives?

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