The making of the Baranchikov law firm logo

Overview• Process

Client: Here is our name (the second line is important for our positioning on the market):

IP & IT Attorneys in Russia

We primarily target two client categories:
—foreign companies working in intellectual property law who are looking for someone in Russia they can entrust the problems of their clients to;
—technological startups (also mostly foreign) that need various consultations and legal advice.

Overall, our audience is made of highly intellectual, educated and wealthy people.

Our strengths that we would like our corporate identity to emphasize include: lack of linguistic (and in the case of the EU/US, cultural) barrier, clear communication in addition to the high quality of services, openness, efficiency and an overall emphasis on the tasks of our clients.

Our promotion will primarily happen at international conferences on intellectual property following up with mailings to acquired leads. The most important elements of the style apart from the logo are business cards and email signatures (the latter will be seen most of all due to the specifics of our promotional efforts and our work).

Designer: A dynamic logo with a set of icons.

Art director: Looks too much like a hipster food joint. Try something crazier.

Designer: That I can do.

Art director: The Б in a circle is a possibility (like ®). Something like 24, but it would look great with volume that continues into infinite perspective. I would also use the same typeface for the caption as for the company name.

Designer: Here’s a dynamic logo. The B remains the same, only the furthermost points move. The client can adjust the shape as they see fit.

Art director: 27.2 is OK, but try other colors.

Designer: Colors.

Art director: 33.

Designer: We can also smoothen the perspective steps.

Art director: Sure, that’s OK, too.

Art director: OK. Maybe color the name in two colors?

Art director: 39.

Art director: OK.