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to transform a web page into a full website.

Beeline is Russia’s leading telecom brand. The website created at the studio is devoted to Beeline’s history, career and partnership opportunities at the company and its press relations. To provide an easier way for journalists to interact with the company, the press center page with corporate photo and video materials and contact information was completely reworked.

News feed

Company’s history is presented as a blooming tree.

Each important event bears fruit

The Partner section includes information on partnership opportunities and a full set of related documents.

Partners can read about cooperation opportunities in the special section

Job seekers looking to apply for a position or internship at the company can view the current vacancies and conditions in a special section. The company needs both new professionals and experts, which is why the openings are sorted by required years of experience helping candidates find suitable positions quicker.

The Careers section has openings for new job seekers and experienced professionals alike

art director

  • Ludwig Bistronovsky


  • Evgeny Panov
  • Olga Konovalova
  • Anna Voshkarina
  • Vladimir Zlydnev
  • Artem Bednyy


  • Evgeny Spiridonov

project managers

  • Grigory Savenok
  • Natalya Vlaskina
  • From Beeline


interface designer

  • Andrey Aleshkin

project manager

  • Darya Bugaeva