The making of the Beeline company website

Overview• Process

Examining the task. We need to completely rework the outdated press center page and find a fresh way to talk about the company’s achievements and future plans.

We start with Beeline’s history. The fruit of the company’s labor lead us to think we should show what bears these fruit. We get the idea to show a tree that changes with time. Drawing the first sketches.

The art director approves the idea. Developing it further, turning the company’s history into a timeline and making it more interactive. The tree blooms, the facts replace each other.

Experimenting with the timeline to prevent it from stealing too much attention. Preparing the final version.

Time to move to current job openings. Creating pages with lists of vacancies and requirements for future employees. Immediately realizing that openings can be broken down into categories.

What if a job seeker already has work experience and looks to develop their career further in a large company? Then they should already know what to do. Adding an option for experienced professionals.

Typesetting application forms and help pages.

Creating a category quick selection block for the main page of the careers section.

Designing the Partnership page similar to the Beeline for Business section.

Starting to work on the Press Center. Studying the list of the client’s preferences and trying to take all of them into account.

We need to highlight key events. Making an attempt.

Working with the chosen method.

Finalizing the news item page.

Adding the ability to publish videos.

Creating various forms for communicating with different kinds of visitors.

Sending the layouts for typesetting and getting ready to create bug lists.