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The making of the Beeline Home TV promo page


Getting the task from the client: we need to tell visitors about Home TV. We want to make the page look similar to its sibling, Mobile TV. Creating a sketch.

Art director: And why would we make two similar pages for two similar products? Besides, it’s gray and bleak visually. Is that really all we can do?

Placing the Home TV remote on the main screen. We want to present the interface of the set-top box right on the promo page.

Nope. How about a darker background?

And even darker.

Inventing all the metaphors and starting to draw.

The client brings in the equipment for photo shoots. Taking photos and retouching remotes, routers, speakers and set-top boxes. They will be black on black background!

We need a hand to hold the remote. Making an outline first of the hand and then of the remote.

The Broadcast Rewind service allows to play back anything that was broadcast within the last 48 hours. To illustrate the service, we add an interactive insert, a movie fragment that plays on scroll. Scrolling up will reverse the playback. Searching for some nice fragment from the recent Hobbit movie.

After lengthy trials finding the ideal scroll speed.

Preparing all 90 frames for the animation in three resolutions for different screen sizes.

The client can’t get the copyright holder’s permission for the Hobbit fragment and suggests we use Sanctum instead. Choosing a nice fragment, cutting up the frames in a similar fashion and sending everything for typesetting.

Making the switch under the banner a bit nicer.

Polishing the technical graphics.

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