Beeline Cloud PBX service interface

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Task: to create layouts for a web service.

Cloud PBX is a special service for Beeline corporate customers who want to quickly organize a telephone network in their office and avoid purchasing expensive equipment. Layouts of a special dashboard were created at the studio allowing the administrator in charge of telephony at the organization to combine mobile numbers of employees into a virtual PBX, set up a single landline number with voice greeting and menu and set rules for routing of incoming calls between call centers, staff groups, fax machines and conferences.

Call handling rules and enabled services are displayed on main page

Release date: September 18 2015


art director
Ludwig Bistronovsky
Evgeny Panov
Fedor Fokin
Artem Bednyy
interface designer
Yury Eremenko
technical designer
Vladimir Zlydnev
project manager
Grigory Savenok

From Beeline:

interface designer
Aleksandr Grenkov
project managers
Maxim Kushka
Oksana Smirnova
The studio wishes to thank Roman Rabochiy for his help with the project

Cloud PBX can be customized to the needs of any organization. For example, calls coming to a single multi-channel number can be easily forwarded to a voice menu where they will be distributed between company departments.

Simple configuration of a complex service

Using user account pages the administrator can set up individual restrictions while employees can change their availability and enable call forwarding with black and white lists.

Personal statistics and a list of enabled services

Any rule or restriction can be associated with the work schedule of the organization, allowing, for example, restricting outgoing calls of employees during work hours or forwarding incoming calls to the answering system on weekends.

Schedule configuration

In case the company outgrows the services included in the current package, the administrator can simply visit the package comparison page, evaluate the features and choose another set of services.

Key features

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