The making of the pattern for Binbank cards

Overview   Process  

Studying the task and the client's preferences. Starting to draw different objects and elements of landscape with outlines touching each other. Putting the picture on a card.

Something is eating the illustrator. Reading the brief carefully and realizing that we’re doing it all wrong. Studying Escher's works, schemes and calculations. Thinking about a motif repetition scheme.

Making a sketch with an airplane, car and coffee cup as main elements.

The art director suggests making the coffee cup and other background elements more recognizable. Getting rid of small details.

The art director asks to draw the smoke over the coffee cup. Redrawing the pattern, putting it on a card, trying different color schemes and showing it to the client.

The client likes it but asks to straighten up the airplane and make several more sketches in different sizes and colors.

The client approves the black-and-white and golden versions. Making a vector image and sending it to the client.

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