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Bosco Sport is the general sponsor of Russia’s Olympic Team. The company has produced sports uniforms for Russian athletes since 2002.

Bosco Sport collection is now available for all fans of the Russian team

The website features the catalog of the latest Athens-2004 collection that includes 50 apparel models and accessories. To allow the users to scrutinize windbreakers, T-shirts, shorts and caps on all sides, Art. Lebedev Studio designers drew 152 illustrations.

Russia T-shirt

Wholesalers may use an online form to order Olympic uniforms, while sports fans can track the Olympic events with the help of the full Athens Games calendar.

Release date: August 03 2004


art director
Artemy Lebedev
Ilya Mikhaylov
Dmitry Komissarov
technical designers
Andrey Tikhanov
Elena Zhavoronkova
Sonya Ovsyannikova
Mikhail Petrushin
Katerina Andreeva
Aleksandr Simonenko
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