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  • The making of the cover for Taste of Life by Oleg Mikhalevich

    Overview   Process  


    All wrong. What’s needed is a bright and cheerful image of health and joy. Presenting two more drafts to the customer.

    Selecting the first sketch and turning it into a finished illustration.

    Adding corrections, petals, and a scarf to the picture. Aging the guy and turning his hand in a different way.

    Changing the guy’s look and making him wear a polo instead of a tee.

    Meanwhile, working on the text.

    Originally, the book was titled “I Choose Health.”

    Bringing the title up-to-date with a fresher line “How To Remain Young and Healthy, Eat Nutritiously and on Budget.”

    Breaking the title into the main and a sub.

    Changing the book title once more, trimming it back to the point.

    Playing with typefaces.

    Adding more reviews for the total of three on the back cover.


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