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The making of the Chance website templates

Overview   Process  

The site absolutely must be moving in all the meanings. So we take off to explore country roads, city streets, and beyond, day or night.

Let’s start from the car dealership.

Charting your route across the main page using standard browser elements. Horizontal scrolling is the new steering.

Running some errands on the way back from the weekend house—bank, office, and gas station should do it.

Some finishing touches and it’s ready to be shown to the customer.

Test driving the standard screen resolution. GPS is placed at the bottom.

Adding horizontal scrolling to the “perfect retirement” page.

Features page receives the same treatment.

The concept gets a green light. Proceeding to the site map details.

Close, but too blah.

Recovering the proper sequence.


Warmer yet. The scheme is too busy and in need of pictograms.

Going on multiple tracks from here on: Nikita Nikitin is cruising for illustrations for technical features, Anton Aralin and Sergey Pozhidayev team is up for quite a ride figuring out schemes, while Mark Kozhura is enjoying scenery and taking pictures.

First round of distributing data among the site’s inner pages.

Assembling the header.

Zooming in on details

Steering a viewer’s attention around.

Laying out sample pieces.

Approving the grid.

Now to fill placeholders with illustrations. The only photo available so far is the car, so the rest is made up on the spot from what we had on hand, namely, white backdrop and paper cutouts.

Quick sketch.

Cutting the elements.

Still need to work on headers and pseudo pop-ups.

Not on the same track with the rest, stylistically speaking.

The header draws too much attention.

Too subtle now.

Nice, but overcomplicated.

Neat, let’s leave it like that.

What about technical specs?

Have to break it down to basic ingredients.

This is some kind of a hodgepodge.

It’s still a mess, take it one at a time.

Picking the motor.

Selecting the body.

Loaded weight.




At the same time, a photo shoot starts on Novokuznetskaya street.

For the winter scenes we naturally decide to skip the field photo session and to use modeling of all the desired locations instead.


Rolling both models in into a photo pavilion.

Preliminary shoots.


Ready, set, camera!

Transporting the same effect to the main page.

Adding drop-down menu.

No, this one.

Embellishing with extra tiny illustrations.

Crash-test as a grand finale! Checking the car’s safety. Scoring 10.9 out of 16.

All we have left to do now is just to trash the sedan, color all frames with five corporate shades, and throw a proper speech bubble in. Toying with the bubble wordings.

The second will do.

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