The making of Chashkus cups

Overview• Process

Drawing first sketches. Trying several concepts and handle designs.

Creating quick 3D models and styrofoam mock-ups.

Searching for the graphic solution of the cups and handles.

Testing the ergonomics of handles using mock-ups with real mass.

Searching for the shape of handles and edges of the cups.

Continuing the search for the graphic solution.

Creating styrofoam mock-ups.

Looking at iterations of the models and printing first prototypes on a 3D printer.

The cup has to be stable on the saucer, exploring shapes.

We need a full set of cups and saucers. Examining cross-sections of each pair.


Preparing prototypes.

Creating a set.

Choosing the shape of the grooves at the bottom of the cups.

Going with the fourth design.

Adding the logo.

Preparing blueprints.