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    The making of coffee blend #340

    Overview   Process  

    Using the sticker for Coffee Blend #330 as a basis and sketching the new layout.

    We get the idea to use a Rand-inspired layout: the ingredients block in the shape of smoke coming up from the barcode cup.

    Art director: The text over the cup is too noisy.

    Brushing down the text, keeping the smoke over the cup.

    Art director: The top bar is also a static element. It’s too bad the top and bottom bars are different now.


    Art director: Nope, the bar needs to go from one edge to another with the text in the center. Are the barcodes of different size? The “200 grams” text is not legible.


    Art director: Instead of “Natural coffee...” you need to write “Natural roasted coffee beans.”

    Fixing, making sure the barcode is recognized.

    Making a couple more corrections after receiving the color proofs and submitting for printing.

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