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Task: to develop a modern visual identification system for Crimea.

Crimea is a stronghold of the Black Sea Fleet and the legendary resort famous for its sunny weather, mineral springs, therapeutic mud and fascinating architecture. Crimea has been praised by writers, poets and artists and millions of tourists come to the peninsula to enjoy the warm sea, fragrant wines and picturesque landscapes. A year after becoming a part of Russia, Crimea gets a new logo and visual identification system.

At the heart of the symbol is a distinctive text on interchangeable background

Russian and English versions are available.

Release date: March 17 2015


art director
Artemy Lebedev
Sergey Steblina
type designer
Taisiya Lushenko
project manager
Yulya Nikolaeva
The logo in a circle and in a line
When required, the circle can be filled with a single color with the letters inverted

The logo does not have a specific color scheme and can be drawn in any color. Preference is given to bright gradients on dark or mixed backgrounds.

For frequent travelers

Details of the logo reflect the history and geography of the peninsula, while the shape of the letters allows to use the sign as a stencil.

Slope of the text is associated with a popular outdoor activity
One of the recognizable details is the letter Ы which turns into R when rotated

For the festive version, meaningful and abstract backgrounds were created for all occasions. The collection of patterns can be easily extended by using a variety of subjects.

Coffee with milk

Elements of the pattern can easily fill any graphic shapes and extend the capabilities of the corporate identity.

For bright occasions

Event announcement


Navigation stand


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