The making of the Efco advertising campaign

Overview   Process  

The first ideas: children, happiness, cake throwing, fat bathing.

How about a serious mood?

Or simply write it with creme, beautiful and delicious?

Or how about a cute Fatman that’s like a part of your family?

Or maybe look at it from a global perspective: elephants, atlases, the Earth made of creme and crust?

Meanwhile, the copywriter invents the slogans.

The art director asks to draw a couple of ideas of his own.

Showing the drafts to the client.

The client chooses a few: the atlases, the elephants, the slogans and the cookie machinery. Also the one with pieces of cake.

Starting with the atlases and the elephants. Deciding to make a 3D model. Drawing a more detailed sketch and searching for similar renders before tasking the 3D modeler.

The modeler submits the first results.

Designer: Well, that’s not exactly the way it looked on the sketch, you’ll have to change it.

Writing a detailed explanation of corrections to be made.


That’s better. Making some more adjustments and starting the retouching.

The client likes the result.

Artistic director: The problem is that the text is illegible.

Fixing it.

Simultaneously making a mock-up of the cookie machinery billboard. Searching for photographs of gingerbread cookies and investigating cookie production methods.

Cutting the mechanism out of cardboard.

Preparing detailed drawings and explanations for each piece for pastry chefs.

The photographer takes individual pictures of each cookie. After much pain with the creme we decide to use shaving foam instead.

The type designer creates a typographic composition in the style of European bakeries.

Assembling it all together.

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