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est.ua — in Russian

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Problem: Make a website for a realty company.

The website created for Est! is a helpful tool that enables realtors to buy, sell and rent property.

Aimed at Ukrainian realty professionals

Each object has its own page, with details well organized for users’ convenience.

Exactly what an expert needs

Useful information can be perfectly arranged on a realtor’s personal account page.

Things are designed to work the way they would in a real agency. Experts say it’s very efficient

Every day the site shows thousands of up-to-date ads.

Apartments for sale

Release date: July 16 2009


artistic director
Artemy Lebedev
art director
Ludwig Bistronovsky
Anatoly Sinelnikov
Elena Dronova
icon designers
Tatyana Pavlova
Egor Zhgun
Mikhail Zhuk
Sergey Rachok
technical director
Vladimir Tokmakov
Anton Lisenko
Maksim Shipko
Semen Tokarev
Oleg Podchashinsky
Fedor Kamshilin
Evgenia Kutaleva
Inna Vivich
Maksim Stupenko
Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Ivan Zmeitchuk and Sergei Khrykin for their contribution to the project

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