Lucky Ticket cookies

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Task: to sweeten a superstition.

In Russia, where bus, trolley and tram tickets have 6-digit numbers, people believe that if the sum of the first three digits on yours equals the sum of the last three, your ticket is a lucky one and must be eaten right away. A unique cookies design was created at the studio where each cookie is a lucky ticket.


The biscuits come in packs of eight “tickets” of each of three kinds—all lucky, of course. They are made of top-grade wheat flour and have a tempting flavor of condensed milk.

Release date: March 07 2014


art director
Artemy Lebedev
Vyacheslav Mezentsev
industrial designer
Timur Burbaev
Aleksandr Pozdeev
Aleksandra Sviridova
Dmitry Dolgikh
Aleksey Dorokhin
type designer
Taisiya Lushenko
Anna Golovina
package desginer
Vsevolod Varfolomeev
project managers
Ksenia Razina
Aleksey Strelnikov
Anastasia Prischepa

A whole bowl of luck

Oh joy! It’s snack time

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