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Mus3 computer mouse

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Task: Add a scroll wheel.

Mus3 cordless optical mouse not only controls the cursor on the screen, but cleverly looks like one, too. The new Mus model has a scroll wheel.

The scroll wheel also performs the right click action

A built-in power indicator in the handle lights up when the batteries are low or need replacing.

Two color options: linen and anthracite

Despite its unconventional shape, Mus3 fits well into your hand and feels comfortable.

I want to be yours


Online price:  23  $
  ≈ 21  €
  ≈  1218  руб.

Release date: February 11 2011


art director and designer
Artemy Lebedev
industrial designer
Timur Burbayev
Alexander Pozdeyev
Maxim Pavlukhin
Tatyana Nemaltseva
Grigori Annenkov
package designers
Artyom Sazonov
Constant Dolzhenko
Anna Golovina
Anton Veryovkin
Maxim Pavlukhin
Anastasia Olkhovskaya


Compatible with Windows and Mac OS X.


Signal range of at least 2 meters.

Frame speed up to 76 centimeters (30 inches) per second.

Optical resolution of 688 dots per centimeter (1750 per inch).

Two AA batteries (included).

Auto power saving mode when idle.

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