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2012 calendar “Fuckopalypse”

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Task: to create a calendar depicting different scenarios of the apocalypse

As you are well aware by now, we’ll all go to hell in 2012. For each month, our “Fuckopalypse” wall calendar offers a different way it could happen—pick your favorite now, before it’s too late. A team of illustrators created twelve ways of doing away with humanity, each in his own style.

All known types of fuckopalypses are presented on the cover

“Fuckopalypse” calendar is by far the best holiday gift this season as its value will carry through each and every day of 2012, no owner would be able to ignore or discard it.


“Fuckopalypse” calendar is a ready-made art object, perfect for any interior—business or home—with its promising illustrations printed on fine coated paper of generous, A2 format.



December—are we there yet?

Release date: November 09 2011


art director
Artemy Lebedev
concept author and project manager
Alexey Luri
Anna Golovina
type designer
Nikita Kanarev
technical designers
Ivan Petrov
Vladimir Pavlenko
Masha Menshikova
Yekaterina Andreyeva
Yegor Zhgun
Alexey Lyapunov
Lena Erlikh
Artyom Kostyukevich
Oleg Tischenkov
Gonduras Jitomirsky
Tim Yarzhombek
Sonika Yelovikova
Iv Orlov
Vladimir Kamayev
Sergei Kostik
Yana Klink
Yana Moskalyuk
Olesya Zorina
Yekaterina Floyd
project managers
Anastasia Olkhovskaya
Alexey Strelnikov

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