Scripticus typeface

Overview   Process  

Task: to develop a handwritten-style typeface.

Skriptikus is a light, clear, and friendly script, drawing inspiration from the notes written on a school chalkboard.

Each letter of the Scripticus typeface has four alternatives, so that text will look natural and expressive, without being too repetitive. In addition, this typeface provides lots of additional symbols and features: ligatures, numbers in circles, numbers for tables, symbols used in formulas, arrows, icons, fractions, lines for underlining, frames, ornaments, etc.

Release date: September 10 2013


art director
Artemy Lebedev
Yulia Syusmyalyaynen

Scripticus is perfect for all kinds of advertising materials; signs, music CDs & posters, comics, magazine headlines, and any short piece of text that needs to look a bit more informal, friendly, and organic.

Scripticus supports about a hundred languages ​​with Latin and extended Cyrillic alphabets. This typeface comes in two flavors: regular and semi-bold.

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