Certificate packaging for Evo Impressions

Overview   Process  

Task: to design a gift set.

People come to Evo Impressions to find special gifts for their friends and relatives. Whenever you are tired of giving regular presents, impression gifts come to the rescue. A colorful certificate will become the owner’s ticket to conquering ski slopes, scuba diving, visiting beauty salons, doing yoga, learning to draw, recording songs at a studio or participating in other programs—there are more than two hundred options available.

One or 33 pleasures to choose from

A lodgment holds the certificate in a box.

First you need to read the activation instruction

Release date: March 27 2013


art director
Artemy Lebedev
Katerina Konova
Anna Golovina
Aleksandr Nosikov
project managers
Aleksey Luri
Anastasia Olkhovskaya
Irina Ostasheva

Wishes on the box match the theme of the present

There are eight certificate collections for recipients of any tastes and interests. The ninth collection is for combining services from the first eight.

The rules section provides all technical details

To use a gift, simply enter the certificate activation number on the company’s website or make a phone call.

Activation instructions

The brochure has brief information on other available programs.

First, to the video arcade, then—to the aqua park!

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