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    The making of the Modny Sezon shopping arcade advertising

    Overview   Process  

    Starting with the advertising for the third floor of the arcade. Making sketches, thinking about every possible thing, especially the way the gallery works.

    Taking our time to find various items and make colorful compositions. Find ten differences.

    The client approves. Yay!

    Luxury items for the photo shoot arrive: silks, crystal, a tea infuser. Everything except what we need. No pink curtain, no plate. OK, by this time we understand that we have to change the way we work. The luxuries are taken back. Shooting whatever is left and starting to combine the items we have.

    The client says there’s too much Missoni. Removing Missoni.

    The art director says it was better with Missoni, the designer agrees. The photographer proceeds to shoot her own dress. Everyone’s happy, settling on this for now.

    Starting to work on the next poster. Spring is coming, the time of sales and new collections. The Sale poster must be yellow, no doubt. Remembering what the original sketch looked like.

    Making it more “in style.” Coming up with a mini slogan.

    Judging by previous experience, we can’t count on using luxury items. We need to make it more abstract. Shooting items right away and assembling a composition.

    Simultaneously working on the New mock-up.

    The client says no to our suggestion of spring and sandals. Suggesting a different design.

    Back to the Sale poster. The client wants a holiday. Bags, gift wrapping, happiness, all that.


    Moving on to the information poster. Studying the client’s suggestions.

    Using the phrase “coming in the new season.” Santa Barbara!!

    No one appreciates the joke. Like this, then.

    It’s absolutely clear by now that we can’t propose ideas that would be difficult to implement. The art director suggests we offer a typographic solution.

    The client says he’s seen it before. Then this.

    Preparing the last mock-up for the entertainment zone.

    We need something stunning and unforgettable so that everybody would be like wow! Ice cream, cinema, confetti. The joy of a weekend in the center of Moscow.

    The mock-up is a go. Making the background lighter and sending to the client

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