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The making of FC Krasnodar stadium match and season tickets

Overview• Process

The first attempt.

Trying color coding for tickets and painting them in colors of the guest team. This will make tickets to various matches differ.

Art director: I’m not sure this is technically possible. The layout is boring, it’s too aligned to grid and too lifeless and Swiss. Reading the text above numbers is impossible, who is it there for?

Increasing typeface size and trying to add some life to the layout.

Art director: Now you have half-filled boxes. This is not it.


Art director: The bottom ones are better.

Art director: The ticket needs a branded stadium header. It doesn’t need to be justified. Number captions should be larger.


Making envelopes for tickets.

Starting to work on season tickets.

Client: The back side with the text FC Krasnodar does not reflect being a member of a club, it appears nameless. We want more connection with the football club, to make sure the visitor feels they are a member of a unique community (MasterCard or American Express can be seen as examples). In packaging, we would like to see envelopes made of expensive materials. Fans should feel appreciated, flattered that we took care of every small detail for them. You don’t need any intricate designs for the envelope, it rather should be beautiful and well-made.

Changing the designer and rereading the brief. In case of season tickets, the client puts emphasis on being a member of a club. Buyer of a single match ticket should be able to easily find all required information. Plus, we have technical limitations as to what we can print.

First we try to apply corporate identity elements to the three categories of season tickets, Standard, Business and VIP.

The client doesn’t like that the tickets differ so much. They ask us to calm down the graphics and to increase the status and pride of the owner.

We want to make details and the layout more complex.

The season tickets will be sold in packaging. Searching for the design by testing everything from envelopes to boxes. We want the fan to receive not just a box but some sort of a club souvenir as well. For example, an arm band and a photo booklet with the club’s history.

The client lets us know that they still do not like the season tickets.

All right, trying an entirely different story. Increasing the emphasis on the bull, the club’s mascot. Modeling a sketch and trying it on the cards.

The client responds no. They want the season tickets to elicit the same feelings as an American Express card.

Keeping in mind that we still need to work on the regular tickets. Slightly changing the accents and the layout making them match the printing requirements. All static information will be printed at a print shop while the dynamic one (gate, sector and seat numbers) will be printed during purchase. Besides, there is also a stub that gets teared off at the entrance.

We decide to change the bull slightly.

Going back to season tickets and trying to make them match the client’s expectations.

Another designer sends a different design.

The client chooses the version with the ball but asks to replace it with a drawing of the stadium.

Meanwhile, the text back of season tickets is getting typeset and approved.

Adjusting packaging based on the new look of the cards.

Making many more changes and preparing files for printing.