The making of Flugerus weather vane

Overview• ProcessHi Res

We get the idea to make a weather vane with the word Wind written on it.

Looking at pictures, studying current designs.

Making sketches of both the vane and the word. Trying to find the best position of the arrow which would ensure the word is easily readable.

Choosing one of the designs and trying to marry it with the arrow. Decorating the stick.

Art director: Let’s put the word inside the arrow. Also, the letters should be simpler.

Drawing the letters and searching for the shape of the vane.

The art director suggests to go with a simple arrow.

Still not what we want. Drawing new shapes, trying to use Gothic motifs.

Approving one of the designs. The art director asks to make the arrow more arrowy. Making the pointy end simpler and adding letters for cardinal directions.

Studying the structure of weather vanes, types of fixtures and movable parts.

Creating a prototype and checking its operation by attaching it to a movable axis.

Estimating the size and shape of the cardinal directions letters.

Coming up with various fixture designs.

Checking the readability of the letters in real life.

Creating a 3D model.