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First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIb) website

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Problem: Make it so that if someone drops in at the bank after visiting the website, everything seems familiar there.

The First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIb) was established in 1991. Today it ranks among Ukraine’s ten largest banks. The bank is managed by two head offices in Donetsk and Kyiv.

Main page visitors see the entrance of the Donetsk-based office

FUIb employees (graphic copies of real people), ready to answer any questions, greet every customer at the door. On the website they are just as forthcoming as in life.

That’s what FUIb looks like inside

Questions and answers are stated clearly, as is the custom with good banks.

Chatting with Varvara Druzhinina

In the bank office, visitors get complete information on the bank and its services, learn the latest news, look through print media publications, find out what promotion events are on, and share impressions in the visitors’ book.

Release date: June 02 2006


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