The making of Forex Trend website

Overview   Process  

Delving into the world of foreign exchange operations—reading, observing, discussing. Exploring the mechanisms. Studying psychology of the people who work in foreign exchange market. Then after drawing conclusions, coming up with the user profiles. The website will try to cater to their needs.

Becoming aware of the user-service interaction scheme.

Analyzing the structure of the current website. Immediately, we see room for improvement.

Trying to set up the main page horizontally.

Not bad. Working on internal pages.

We can work with that. Searching for overall style.

A bit stuffy.

That’s better.

Working on the investor page.

Creating the tools to track the investments.

Showing different types of accounts on one page.

Working on the account rating system, which is required for trader selection.

The contract with the manager.

Help with choosing the account type.

Looking at different authorization options.

Creating graphics for a promotional package.

Making origami animals out of dollar bills.

Touching them up for the website.

Drawing a money-making machine.

Adorning the 404 page with a Japanese candle.

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