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Task: to make a big efficient website.

Gazprom is the largest oil and gas company in the world. Their website offers a vast multitude of materials: projects, news, photographs, documents, press releases, videos, information for stockholders, reports, charts, maps, regulations, campaign details, stock rates, list of import products, Yamal mega-project info. All of this is well organized and easy to navigate.

The main page presents all the essential information, with the latest news and events right up front

Gazprom’s scope of business can be evaluated using a variety of indicators.

Countries, continents, and deposits

Photographs and videos are published in the section called Kaleidoscope.

April 2009 images

Some materials are accompanied with photo albums.

Visitors can easily browse and enlarge the photographs

Gazprom holds annual stockholder meetings, where the company reports its results.

Key 2008–2009 events

The website is ready to feature thousands of new materials.

Release date: June 26 2009


art director
Ludwig Bistronovsky
Denis Drozhzhov
Elena Dronova
technical designers
Tatyana Pavlova
Aleksandr Smetanka
flash technologist
Dmitry Bezverkhy
Anton Startsev
Aleksey Smychagin
Sergey Timoshin
Ivan Shornikov
Svetlana Lecheva
Denis Khripkov
Artem Tkachenko
Aleksandr Shumov
beta tester
Dmitry Muratov
Aleksandr Nosikov
Sergey Rublev
Maksim Dolgov
Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Vyatcheslav Loshkaryov for his assistance and great contribution to the project

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