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Gorky Park visual identity

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Task: to produce a logo and visual identity.

Established in 1928, today Gorky Central Park of Culture and Recreation spreads over 250 acres and is Moscow’s major park. It was one of the city’s first parks to reinvent itself from the inside out. In summer 2011, Gorky Park initiated a total restructure of its premises and complete renovation inspired by the world’s best examples. The newly emerged park needed a fresh logo and modern identity which we were commissioned to deliver.

The main logo with a peekaboo bird

Release date: October 15 2012


artistic director
Artemy Lebedev
art director & designer
Ludwig Bistronovsky
Roman Sumtsov
Sergey Kleschev
Lelya Le
type designer
Ksenia Erulevich
Iskander Mukhamadeev
Jenia Filatova
Katerina Andreeva
Aleksandr Nosikov
project managers
Aleksandra Nikitina
Aleksey Luri
Anna Kovalevskaya
Art. Lebedev Studio wants to thank Mikhail Gannushkin, Daria Beglovaya, and Olga Zakharova for collaboration on this project.

After all the updates, the Gorky Park re-entered the stage as a megapolis’s top destination which draws thousands of visitors on a daily basis. Now, there’re designated areas for recreation, work and outdoor play, sports, yoga, and dancing. New cafés and an organized events program are in place as well. The wide assortment of park activities required a universal yet not “corporate-style” visual identity to tie it all together.

Russian and English logos and a map pin. The park owns a set of ten logo versions for every occasion

The first impression renders the new style as reserved, thanks to the beautiful and solemn typography at its core. But all the fun is still there: it might take a double look, however, to discover little surprises tucked within text and reinforcing its meaning on a new level. There’s an eye-teasing word play created for each single word or phrase the park currently utilizes.

The text is appealing to read and to have a closer look at

The manual covers the complete use of the visual identity.

Manual pages on corporate colors by season

Direct was selected as the Gorky’s signature typeface, so the existing nine styles of the family acquired another sibling which contains all characters with hidden symbols.

Manual pages on the corporate typeface

Total of 173 special characters—including letters, numbers, and ligatures—were designed.

Every symbol on the poster has a bonus meaning

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