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     www.ib-translations.com — in English

     www.ib-translations.ru — in Russian

    Task: to create a website for a translation agency.

    IB Translations provides translation and interpretation services and takes part in top-level events. Company experts attend mergers and acquisitions, support business negotiations, translate financial reports and legal documents, organize teleconferences and work with multimedia materials. The website created in the studio explains the importance of translation and demonstrates the advantages of a professional approach.

    Бюро переводов у метро
    IB Translations
    The slider allows to see the difference between a hastily done translation and professional work
    Main page with simultaneous translation

    Gems processing terms are used as an example of careful work with professional terminology.

    Release date: March 02 2015


    art director
    Sergey Kulinkovich
    Sergey Nikolaev
    technical designer
    Aleksandr Bogatov
    Anastasia Pakosh
    Stanislav Shevchenko
    Nazar Snigur
    Maksim Mishin
    beta tester
    Dmitry Muratov
    content manager
    Anna Rybakova
    project manager
    Lidia Popova

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