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International Exchange Center mobile website

Website content is provided by company’s employees

Overview   Process — on mobile devices

Task: to create a mobile version of a website without additional programming.

Students who want to receive education, find a job or study a language in a foreign country can get all the information they need on a single website using their mobile phones. All the necessary functionality of the desktop website has been retained in the mobile version.

The main structural element of the website is a program card that contains detailed information about the program. A special filter makes searching easier. Having scrolled to the end, a student will surely find the right program, also learning a lot about other countries of the world

The menu is composed of visually separated main and secondary entries. Contact details of the central office are displayed using a quick access panel

A program page contains full information on the costs of the program as well as its detailed schedule. It also includes a list of other programs offered in this country

Release date: February 04 2015


art director
Ludwig Bistronovsky
Anton Zhukov
Kirill Zhilinsky
Mikhail Iskandarov
technical director
Vladimir Tokmakov
Aleksandr Shumov
Artem Fedosov
beta tester
Dmitry Muratov
project managers
Lidia Popova
Fedor Borschev

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