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IKEA stand at HotelExpo 2005 exhibition

Studio designers faced their favorite challenge: making the most conspicuous stand on an area of 12 square meters at the exhibition held in Moscow.

Three-dimensional prototype of the stand

The lower part of the stand was designed as a hotel hall with a reception desk. On the photograph on the wall the hall is depicted in a perspective that creates an illusion of receding space.

Three-dimensional prototype of the “hall”

The object of everyone’s envy.

Picture at the exhibition

Release date: August 29 2005


art director
Artemy Lebedev
Andrey Sharapov
perspective consultant
Ilya Mikhaylov
Elena Savina
Anna Ponomareva
Marat Nigametzyanov
Igor Shmelev
construction coordinators
Diana Kuzmina
Yulia Khristolyubova
Ekaterina Berezy
Vera Dorofeeva

Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Maria Yanusheva, Tatyana Osina and Mikhail Matyushkov for their help in project implementation

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