The making of the I Love You, Rings logo

Overview• Process

Client: Newlyweds come to my studio to create wedding rings for each other with their own hands. I would like the logo and the corporate identity to reflect the romantic appeal of the process, to be simple, beautiful and unique. I plan to considerably expand the project, first across Russia, then beyond. I want everyone in our country to know that there is the I Love You, Rings brand and that they can make their wedding rings. Our current logo has my name, Abramova, I prefer not to have it in the new logo and replace it with the name of the brand.

Going through the client’s Instagram account, exploring the production process.

Designer: Here.

Art director: Try to add the I to the second design.

Designer: I did.

Art director: Now it reads mudo.

Designer: Then like this.

Art director: Go with the first one.

Cleaning up and handing off to the client.