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International Moscow Bank website 2.0

[The work is in the museum]

Problem: Rearrange the information that has been accumulated within three years after the website’s first version was opened.

The first version of the International Moscow Bank website was launched in early 2003. The bank had at that time six offices and around ten ATMs in Moscow. The number of offices has doubled by now, while the ATM network spreads throughout Moscow and St. Petersburg districts. The bank’s branches operate in 17 Russian cities.

The website main page is at the same time the main page of the Private Customers section

The new version has a simpler navigation. The list of products and services for private customers, special offers, exchange rates, and latest news are posted on the main page. Customer hotline phone numbers, links to office, branch, and ATM addresses are easy to find. Credit card or loan application forms can be filled in online.

The new website features sections containing information about the bank’s services and products for private customers, small and medium-sized businesses, corporate clients and financial institutions. Having chosen one of the cities where the bank has a branch, the customer gets information on products, services, and special offers available in this city.

Release date: January 15 2006


artistic director
Artemy Lebedev
art director
Oleg Paschenko
Pavel Radyuk
technical designers
Oleg Petko Ilya Baronshin
flash developers
Ivan Dembitsky Denis Kolyako
Vladimir Tokmakov Mikhail Petrushin Sergey Chikuenok Andreyka Lechev
Yury Belyakov Dmitry Filatov Denis Maymistov Mikhail Troshev
beta tester
Dmitry Muratov
Darya Sviridova Svetlana Kalinnikova

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