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    The making of iCat comics for iPad

    Oveview   Process  

    Working with Oleg by Skype and setting on “the less is more” for the interface.
    The buttons we’ve decided to keep will be in the same style familiar for Oleg’s comics readers.

    A cool, anti-conventional idea popped up—how about dog-earing pages for a bookmark?
    Book by Nic Perumov was awaiting its glory moment under designer’s monitor.

    “Let’s leave a crease at the corner of the page that was dog-eared once? Neat!”

    “And each time you fold the corner over, the crease becomes more and more pronounced until it tears one day!”
    “Slow down here, Misha.”

    Okay, it’s time to invent a way to return to the table of contents.
    Maybe, the cat will pick over the page to take us back to the contents? And Oleg will guide us back to the stories from there?

    It’s trashy. Let’s return to the cat at the bottom of a page to get to the list of contents. From there you get directly to any story by tapping on a thumbnail.

    Good. Now to the look of the table of contents. Leafing through different options.

    Time to animate it! Powering our Photoshop.

    Just before the publication at Appstore Tema Lebedev comes up with an idea to name the book “iCat.”
    Oleg Tischenkov replies in skype: “I’m for it.”

    Not a problem. Taking Artemius typeface, confirming the size and kerning with our artistic director, perfecting it manually.

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