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Mandership by Artemy Lebedev, Third Edition

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Task: to republish the print version of Mandership.

The third edition presents new sections and sports a new design.

The book wears an eye-catching dust jacket


Mandership does not offer instructions for successful design. It rather provides food for thought. How to consume it―at a fine table with decent wine, or on the go using disposable utensils―is up to the reader.»

From the Foreword

Release date: May 16 2011


art director and author
Artemy Lebedev
chief typesetter
Sergey Fedorov
Iskander Mukhamadeev
Katerina Andreeva
Svetlana Kryuchkova
type designer
Elena Novoselova
Yana Moskalyuk
technical designer
Nikita Kanarev
production manager
Aleksey Strelnikov


Artemy Lebedev works as a designer and occasionally writes about things that concern him.

452 pages
Number of copies: 5000
Format: 144×216 mm (6.1"×8.7")
ISBN 978-5-98062-038-7

The title page
Pages 30–31
Pages 261–265
Pages 284–285
Pages 394–395
Pages 412–413
Pages 440–441

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