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The making of Mandership, Third edition

Overview   Process  

The work on the current edition started back in 2009, when the grid for all books published by our studio was quite different.

Then, there was a long period of maturing for the third edition, spent on our server. In 2011 we tried to change its layout completely. Among others we tested the off-center layout with narrow margins and page numbers on top.

It did not turn out good.

Rethinking the grid. All dimensions, including indents and the book size, are a multiple of 4 mm.

The resulting book condensed from a weak and unambitious 145 by 217.5 mm to a solid 144 by 216 mm. These proportions feel much more pleasant, straight-forward, and convenient for typesetting.

Proofreader combs through the text, meticulously picking out crafty hyphenations.

The previous edition got saved from the embarrassment of a decent-looking word being broken up by hyphenation into the four letter word of less decency.

This time the unwanted hyphenations were caught and neutralized in a timely manner as well.

Designing the dust jacket.

Preparing color proofs and sending a weighty PDF to the printers.

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