Ryaba the Hen by Mikhail Buster

Overview   Process  

Task: to publish a picture book.

The book by artist Michael Buster tells a Russian folk tale about an old man, his wife, and their hen Ryaba, in the style of oldschool American tattoo.

The cover

Release date: July 05 2013


art director
Artemy Lebedev
Mikhail Baster
cover illustrator
Yana Moskalyuk
type designer
Taisiya Lushenko
chief typesetter
Iskander Mukhamadeev
Filipp Luschevsky
Katerina Andreeva
project manager
Anastasia Drozdova
production manager
Svetlana Kalinnikova

16 pages
Number of copies: 1000
Format: 157×210 mm (6"×8.3")

Endpapers made of tracing paper
Pages about the old couple
Pages about the mouse

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