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    Task: to develop a modern logo for Izhevsk.

    Founded in 1760, Izhevsk is the capital of Udmurt Republic. The city is famous for its factories producing motorcycles, small arms and automobiles. The legendary Moskvitch cars and Planeta motorcycles were assembled in Izhevsk and today it is home to Kalashnikov rifles, Makarov pistols and industries producing oil and gas and medical equipment. The rapid economic and industrial development meant the city needed its own bright logo.

    The logo

    The logo combines the traditional Udmurt solar talisman which easily reads as the letter Ж with a stencil font symbolizing factory traditions. Attentive viewers will also find the Kalashnikov clip hidden in the letters.

    Latin version of the logo was created for tourist and foreign projects of the city.

    The Latin logo retains the sunny letter Ж and type features of the original

    Release date: May 21 2014


    art director
    Artemy Lebedev
    Vladimir Pavlenko
    type designer
    Ksenia Erulevich
    Filipp Luschevsky
    Anna Potapkina
    project manager
    Olga Kallaur
    The studio wishes to thank Maria Butchenko, chief artist of the city, for inspiration and her help with the project

    The “triangle” structure of the logo and rich color palette allow using the symbol in various souvenir merchandise.

    Puzzles made with corporate triangles

    A set of cheerful slogans is created in the style of the text portion of the logo.

    Positive mottoes

    Rules for the use of the logo, the color palette and slogans as well as recommendations on text design are assembled in the city brand book.

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