The making of the Izhevsk city logo

Overview   Process   Vector  

The work started with a letter, as is tradition.

Going to Izhevsk to have a look at the city.

Izhevsk already has a logo created by designer Marat Amarey which is actively used in decoration of city celebrations, in advertising and souvenir merchandise.

The city sets the task: “We need a new logo. We like the work of Amarey, but the logo does not work the way we need it to work.”

The art director sets the task: “Keep Amarey’s logo, use it as the letter Ж and add the name of city. This should solve all the problems.”

Making the logo that would be easy to use and adapt for various purposes. Keeping the traditional Udmurt symbol—the solar talisman—at its core.

Adding the letters:

Choosing this one:

We really want to add a reference to Kalashnikov rifle somewhere, as delicately as possible. Fortunately we have the letter К which we can use to hide the famous ammo clip. Searching for the best shape.

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