KFC website

to design a website about food.
assembled and populated by the client

KFC is a brand that requires no introduction. People of all ages from all over the world love the legendary fried chicken. Many failed dates turned into successful ones after someone offered “Want to get some wings?” Many vegans abandoned their veganism after smelling the spicy strips. A new, more convenient and better structured website for KFC Russia was created at the studio.

The main page shows the entire menu, from the beginning to the end.

The gradually decreasing grid emphasizes the large range of products and shows them in the right order. The most popular or seasonal offerings are shown at the very top.

Website visitors can get any food delivered: an order can be placed in just a couple of clicks! Items can be added to the cart both from the main page and the menu.

There are no nested levels in the menu,

so visitors don’t have to navigate endless sections if they want a dessert, a drink or fries.

Maintaining continuity with the current brand book and all packaging design rules was very important for the client and we accomplished this: the entire website follows KFC’s recognizable style.

The convenient search helps find the closest KFC restaurant, a drive-through restaurant or one that’s open 24 hours.

Placing an order is extremely simple. Small pictures remind which burgers and drinks were added to the order, the price is shown on the large red button.

Product cards are displayed on the sidebar and contain all information about a product including weight, ingredients and nutrition.

In addition to the menu, discounts and promotions, the website contains information about the company and careers. The History block is full of interesting, odd and unusual facts about KFC and in the Kitchen Tour block visitors can sign up for a tour of a restaurant!

A lot. Of. Food.

art director

  • Sergey Kulinkovich


  • Bogdan Yukin
  • Maxim Bokov
  • Anastasia Ageeva
  • Ivan Tikhomirov

technical designer

  • Aleksandra Maun


  • Stanislav Shcherbakov


  • Ilya Altuhov
  • Dmitry Yakimenko
  • Marat Gilvanov

beta tester

  • Dmitry Muratov


  • Anna Potapkina

project managers

  • Elena Bogdan
  • Anna Kravtsova
Made in 339 days